LipoMelt Body Sculpting

A 100% non-invasive system using 2 types of light to release fat and tighten and tone the skin. It is the only way to safely target a specific area for fat loss.


Unfortunately, diet and exercise aren't always enough...

It's difficult to get rid of stubborn belly fat, and problem places don't always respond to targeted exercise. Fortunately, the LipoMelt system was developed as a tool to help address many of these issues.


A major benefit of using light therapy is that it's non-invasive...

Losing belly fat or thigh fat isn't nearly as easy as sweating away water weight. Getting rid of body fat becomes another challenge altogether. Red light therapy is one way to fight body fat without spending hours at the gym.

Lipomelt targets fat loss in the “trouble areas” of your body that are resistant to diet and exercise.

In your first visit we will discuss your goals, take your measurements, take pre and then post treatment photos and include a consultation where we discuss the suggested course of treatment. Most patients need a minimum of 9-12 treatments to achieve the desired results.

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Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos- the trees, the clouds, everything.

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Ultimate Light

Not only has Ultimate Light been proven effective in killing excess fat cells, our unique micro-chip-powered system has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the body.

Cutting Edge Technology

Only Ultimate Light uses a micro-chip system which is able to produce a beam with optimum refraction and strength, resulting in a much higher rate of absorption compared to traditional laser treatments.

Red Light Therapy

The unique wavelengths of Ultimate Light stimulate cellular and mitochondrial energy, breaking down fat cells, and releasing their contents harmlessly into the bloodstream.

Revolutionary Advancement

Ultimate Light uses red and near-infrared light to attack fat cells in the body, resulting in a slimmer, healthier appearance.

So... it's easy to see the results, but how does this machine work?

Red Light Powered

Our body’s cells react differently to different wavelengths. The unique wavelengths of Ultimate Light stimulate cellular and mitochondrial energy, breaking down fat cells, and releasing their contents harmlessly into the bloodstream.

A Revolutionary Advancement

Red light therapy is the only way to effectively remove fat from problem areas like the waist and hips without resorting to invasive procedures like liposuction.

Frequent Questions

Do I Have to Follow a Diet?

We want you to get the results you desire. Lipomelt is a wonderful compliment to the The Ideal Protein daily food plan so if you’re already doing that with us great. If you are not on Ideal Protein no problem. You can target stubborn areas of fat in specific areas of your body. Simply reduce your intake of starchy carbs and sugars and eliminate alcohol throughout the time you’re enjoying your LipoMelt sessions. Clients will need to drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses a day) with either IP or LipoMelt protocols.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

35-45 minutes in total. This includes the red lights wrap and whole-body vibration plate. The initial visit and final treatment visit will take an additional 10-15 minutes to take measurements and photos before and after each treatment.

Does LipoMelt Help With Cellulite and Loose Skin?

Clients undergoing LipoMelt have noticed an improvement with cellulite as well as skin tone, tightening, and texture.

Are There Any Supplements That I Have To Take?

Yes. We recommend that you take a good liver support supplement. Milk thistle is a good supplement to take while undergoing LipoMelt Body Sculpting.  We provide your first bottle of Hum Liver Support supplement when you start your package.

How Are The Measurements Taken?

Measurements are taken of your treated areas by your LipoMelt Tech at your initial appointment, once a week during a package, and also final measurements at the completion of your treatment.

What Are the Advantages of LED Over Invasive Processes?

There are major advantages against invasive processes; including no pain vs. severe pain, instant results vs. up to 16 weeks recovery for liposuction, possible risk of infections with invasive surgery, price advantages, no damage to body including fat cells as opposed to total removal of cells, blood vessels etc, Post-operative numbness etc.

How is the “Fat” Reduced Beyond the Information Already Provided?

When energy is required by the body, the brain sends signals to the adipose cells to break down the stored fat, a process called lypolysis. During this process, free fatty acids are released into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. Chromophores are part of a molecule which can absorb certain wavelengths of visible light. Specific wavelengths of light cause fat cell membranes to lose their round shape by changing the permeability of the cell. This light creates photobiomodulation within the adipose cells signaling a change inside each adipose cell; creating pores or channels in the cell wall. This alteration of the cell triggers the release of an enzyme (lipase) which can break the triglyceride molecules down into fatty acids and glycerol molecules which are now small enough to pass through the pores of the cell wall releasing stored fat.

How Many Treatments Can the Client Have; When Should They Stop Having Treatments?

The standard course is 9‐20 sessions, 2-3 times per week for 3-6 weeks. We do only up to 3 treatments a week to allow the blood fatty acid levels to stabilize after each treatment.

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